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2014 Child-Related Bills Pending in the California Legislature*

*This is not an exhaustive list of all pending bills that would impact children and youth. To view all pending bills, please visit the California Legislature's website.

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AB 135 (Buchanan) School employees; child abuse; reporting    
AB 230 (Maienschein) Youth athletic programs; background checks    
AB 388 (Chesbro) Group home placements and delinquency issues
AB 790 (Gomez) Child abuse; reporting    
AB 883 (Cooley) Child sexual abuse: prevention pilot program    
AB 985 (Cooley) Guardianship and adoption assistance    
AB 1089 (Calderon) Foster care
AB 1171 (Levine) Child welfare services; electronic records    
AB 1432 (Gatto) Mandated child abuse reporting: school employees: training    
AB 1433 (Gatto) Student safety    
AB 1438 (Linder) Sex offenders: certificates of rehabilitation    
AB 1441 (Stone) Pupils in foster care: transfers between schools: educational record: course credit    
AB 1450 (Garcia) Pupils: grounds for suspension and expulsion: bullying    
AB 1454 (Calderon) Care facilities; regulatory visits    
AB 1455 (Campos) Pupils: bullying: counseling services    
AB 1502 (Mullin) CalWORKs; Family Unity Act of 2015    
AB 1505 (Garcia) Child abuse: mandated reporters    
AB 1538 (Eggman) Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program    
AB 1544 (Allen) Student financial aid    
AB 1559 (Pan) Newborn screening program    
AB 1573 (Jones-Sawyer) Alternative schools: Student Achievement via Excellence accountability system: instructional time    
AB 1585 (Alejo) Human trafficking    
AB 1590 (Wieckowski) Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program    
AB 1618 (Chesbro) Juveniles: case file inspection    
AB 1623 (Atkins) Family justice centers    
AB 1643 (Buchanan) Pupil attendance: school attendance review boards    
AB 1654 (Bonilla) CalWORKs: assignment of child support    
AB 1658 (Jones-Sawyer) Foster care: consumer credit reports: security freeze    
AB 1672 (Holden) Pupil attendance: truancy    
AB 1733 (Quirk-Silva, Atkins, Maienschein) Public records; fee waiver
AB 1761 (Hall) Dependent children: placement with relatives  
AB 1766 (Nazarian) Foster youth: transitional housing pilot project    
AB 1775 (Melendez) Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act: sexual abuse    
AB 1790 (Dickinson) Foster children: mental health services    
AB 1806 (Bloom) Pupil services: homeless children or youth
AB 1828 (Donnelly) Foster children: health and education records    
AB 1854 (Linder) Exam fees: Advanced Placement and Internat'l Baccalaureate Exam Fee Grant Program.    
AB 1862 (Melendez) Postsecondary education: financial aid    
AB 1878 (Stone) Foster care: data  
AB 1882 (Cooley) CalWORKs: relative caregivers
AB 1892 (Bocanegra) Pupils redesignated as fluent English proficient.    
AB 1978 (Jones-Sawyer) Foster care    
AB 2001 (Ammiano) Homeless youth: dependency proceedings    
AB 2016 (Campos) Teachers: mandated child abuse reporting: training    
AB 2035 (Chesbro) Sexually exploited and trafficked minors    
AB 2099 (Frazier) Postsecondary education / Title 38 awards    
AB 2132 (Grove) Foster care: provider performance data    
AB 2116 (Wagner) Special education    
AB 2195 (Achadjian) Juveniles: truancy    
AB 2228 (Cooley) Crisis nurseries  
AB 2236 (Stone) Aid to Families with Dependent Children-Foster Care    
AB 2247 (Williams) Postsecondary education: accreditation documents    
AB 2276 (Bocanegra) Pupils: transfers from juvenile court schools  
AB 2379 (Weber) Abuse of dependent adults: multidisciplinary teams    
AB 2382 (Bradford) CalWORKs: eligibility: truancy

Children's Defense Fund–California
Western Center on Law and Poverty

AB 2384 (Bradford) School plans: schoolsite councils    
AB 2386 (Mullin) Child care facilities: carbon monoxide detectors    
AB 2391 (Calderon) Dependent children: placement  
AB 2421 (Nestande) Corporation taxes: credit: education scholarship organizations    
AB 2454 (Quirk-Silva) Foster youth: nonminor dependents    
AB 2462 (Dababneh) Child welfare services: caseload standards    
AB 2468 (Donnelly) Child death review teams    
AB 2546 (Salas) Childhood immunizations    
AB 2573 (Stone) Foster care: transition jurisdiction    
AB 2583 (Dababneh) Foster parent evaluations
AB 2607 (Skinner) Juveniles: dual status children
AB 2632 (Maienschein) Foster care services    
AB 2668 (Quirk-Silva) Foster care: nonminor dependent parents
SB 343 (Yee) Dependent children: documents    
SB 473 (Block) Human trafficking    
SB 508 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: eligibility    
SB 738 (Yee) Sexually exploited and trafficked minors    
SB 838 (Beall) Juveniles    
SB 909 (Pavley) Dependent children: health screenings    
SB 939 (Block) Criminal jurisdiction    
SB 955 (Mitchell) Human trafficking; interception of electronic communications    
SB 970 (Yee) Juveniles: solitary confinement  
SB 977 (Liu) Juveniles: dependency court    
SB 982 (Huff) Prostitution: minors: punishment    
SB 996 (Evans) Juveniles: dependent children: documents  
SB 1023 (Liu) Community colleges: foster youth
SB 1038 (Leno) Juveniles: dismissal of petition    
SB 1055 (Liu) Public School Health Center Support Program
SB 1088 (Yee) Juveniles: disposition    
SB 1099 (Steinberg) Dependent children: sibling visitation
SB 1111 (Lara) Pupils: involuntary transfer: county community schools and community day schools    
SB 1123 (Liu) Child care and development services    
SB 1136 (Huff) Foster care providers: criminal records  
SB 1161 (Beall) Juveniles: Youth Bill of Rights    
SB 1165 (Mitchell) Pupil instruction: dating violence, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking prevention education    
SB 1172 (Steinberg) Pupil health: vision examinations    
SB 1177 (Steinberg) Privacy: students    
SB 1239 (Wolk) Pupil health: school health services    
SB 1247 (Leiu) Private postsecondary education: extend the sunset date of the BPPE    
SB 1252 (Torres) Public social services: nonminor dependents    
SB 1296 (Leno) Juveniles: contemptuous habitual truants  
SB 1320 (Torres) Social services    
SB 1344 (Evans) Foster care: transition jurisdiction    
SB 1346 (Wyland) Schools: accountability: local control and accountability plans    
Budget Item Dependency Attorney Caseloads    
Budget Item Interim Increase in Funding for Social Workers in Foster Family Agencies  
Budget Item LCFF/Foster Youth Implementation Issues    


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