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CAI's 2014 Legislative Priorities, California

  • AB 388 (Chesbro) addresses concerns about group home placements and delinquency issues. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR (CHAPTER 760, STATUTES OF 2014)
  • AB 1882 (Cooley) addresses several issues pertaining to relative caretakers of children in foster care.
  • AB 1978 (Jones-Sawyer) requires DSS to establish a process to receive voluntary disclosures from social workers, if a social worker has reasonable cause to believe that a policy, procedure, or practice related to the provision of child welfare services by a county child welfare agency endangers the health or well-being of a child. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR (CHAPTER 768, STATUTES OF 2014)
  • AB 2099 (Frazier) addresses issues regarding postsecondary education and Title 38 awards. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR (CHAPTER 676, STATUTES OF 2014)
  • AB 2391 (Calderon) would provide that subsequent to the disposition hearing and throughout the reunification period, consideration for placement shall be given to relatives who have not been found to be unsuitable and who will fulfill the child’s reunification or permanent plan requirements.
  • AB 2607 (Skinner) would prohibit a county from permitting a minor who is under the jurisdiction of the court as a dependent and who concurrently or subsequently comes under the jurisdiction of the court as a ward from remaining in juvenile detention beyond the completion of the period of confinement imposed by the court. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR (CHAPTER 615, STATUTES OF 2014)
  • SB 1247 (Lieu) would extend the sunset date of the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR (CHAPTER 840, STATUTES OF 2014)
  • Budget Item—Dependency Attorney Caseloads

CAI's 2014 Legislative Priorities, Federal

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