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Special Area of Focus: Educational Rights Holders

For most children, their parents are their primary academic advocates, providing oversight, support, and intervention when necessary. However, many children — particularly those in the foster care and juvenile justice systems — lack responsible adults in their lives to guide their educational progress. Without appropriate help and direction, these children struggle in the classroom and are often academically left behind. Sadly, these children and youth are subject to higher drop-out rates and face disciplinary action at a much higher rate than their peers.

In conjunction with other San Diego groups, CAI has developed a program to recruit, train, and oversee adults who are interested and eligible to serve as Educational Rights Holder for local children in need, primarily on a temporary basis until an appropriate Ed Rights Holder can be identified and appointed. As an Educational Rights Holder, you will be able to directly impact a youth's life. With training and guidance provided by CAI, you will learn how to support, encourage, and advocate for children who need academic guidance. Educational Rights Holders are appointed by the court to represent a child in all aspects of his or her academic life. Most importantly, as an Educational Rights Holder, you will get to know a child in need on a personal level, creating change and instilling hope for a better future.

How Can I Become an Educational Rights Holder?





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